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Exclusive: Nata Gata Responds To The Pope Liking Her Instagram Picture

Jerry already blogged this, but Pope Francis was horny online this morning when he liked Instagram model Natalia Garibotto's picture. Happens to the best of us, we can't sit here and shame him. 

But you may be wondering, what is it like to have the leader of the Catholic Church and the closest human being we have to God like an Instagram picture of your ass? Luckily, Nata Gata (what her friends call her) and I go wayyyy back. She tweeted her initial reaction. 


Gotta think it's an automatic entry when you show that screenshot at the Pearly Gates. But I shot her a text to follow up and see if she wanted to add anything else. I was actually the one who broke the news to her to begin with. Always love breaking news. Can't say I've ever got to break the news that the Pope liked your Instagram picture. 

Her initial response? 

"No way"

Followed up with

"Hahahahahahah. That's actually hilarious"

She then added this gem: 

She'll have to now check her DMs and see if Francis has slid in. 

Okay now here are more pictures of her.