Don't DM Chris Carson On Instagram About Your Stupid Fantasy Football Team Or He Will Give You His Address To Come And Fight Him

Here's a question you better ask yourself before you slide into an athlete's DM's to call them a pussy: do I want to get my ass kicked by said athlete if I piss them off? Because Chris Carson would kick this guy's ass, no questions. It'd be over quicker than me in bed with Diletta Leotta. Quick break for Diletta Leotta pictures: 

Sorry, got distracted there for a minute. Actually not sorry. You like seeing pictures of smokes. Pageviews say so. Back to this though. You have to be a downright moron to DM an athlete calling them a pussy for not playing while injured. Imagine being tougher than a pro athlete. A fucking pro athlete! This is how every athlete should respond when you bitch about your fantasy football team name with a shitty coronavirus pun. Guess what you should do instead? Pick up Deejay Dallas like I did - a fellow Chris Carson fan. I didn't lose because he was hurt, because I'm smarter than this person. It's called a waiver wire, use it. 

The delayed 'yo ass better show up' makes me laugh every time. The address wasn't enough for Chris Carson. He's putting the threat out there too. Love it. Every athlete should be allowed to respond like this if you DM them complaining about fantasy football. I fucking love fantasy football, been playing for 20 years now.. I promise you I will never offer to fight a pro athlete except Luke Maye.