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Charlie Sheen Had Himself A Father's Day By Going Psychedelic Ham On The Ex




Oh, Charlie. Props to being the first person in human history to call someone a “Heretic” and Doosh Phace” within the same stream of consciousness. Remember the “Winning” craze? When Charlie Sheen seemed to be the perfect amount of batshit to the point pretend moguls could illegally put his face on t-shirts and try to make a buck? Those were the days. But I don’t care what kind of mom Denise Richards pretends to be, nobody should have that kind of hate in their heart for someone who has the greatest lezzy hot tub scene in mainstream motion picture history. Charlie needs to pop in that VHS copy of Wild Things and remember that life isn’t so bad after all. That 2 minutes flooded the spank bank for any warm blooded teenager.

Fake Colin Farell from True Detective wishes everyone a Happy Father’s Day, too.