Wake Up With Pam From ‘The Office’ Talking Dirty

If you’re over the age of about 10 years old, you should have no problems when it comes to separating an actor and the fictional character they play. Not that it’s always that simple. Those lines get blurred. Whether it’s a SciFi actor being asked for solutions to real world problems at a ComicCon or a people expecting a TV doctor to have medical advice, it happens.

For me, it’s my sitcom crush Pam Beesley. I listen to “The Office Ladies” podcast with Jenna Fischer and Angela Kingsley and I’m well aware they are actual human beings who played roles on a show. But I’m still so emotionally invested in Pam and want so much to work with her and make hilarious eye contact with her every time someone does something ridiculous, it’s a big adjustment to hear Jenna Fischer play a prostitute named Whisper and vividly offer graphic sex acts to Matt Dillon’s character, rebounding from a bad break up. On an intellectual level I understand she’s an actor playing a different character. But it’s tough for me to process.

And don’t get me started on this one. Jenna directing a movie where she can’t get her costar to stop talking about butt stuff. That I cannot handle.