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While You Were Watching Football - No. 1 Hoops Recruit Chet (CHET!) Holmgren Was On National TV Putting On A Damn Show, Then Talked Shit On Twitter

This is 100% a Chet Holmgren fan account now. I've blogged about him before, most notably when he hit Steph Curry with his own move at Steph's camp

But tonight was a huge night for Chet Holmgren. I still can't decide if he should just be Chet or if he's a full name guy Chet Holmgren. Either way, the fact that we have a guy named Chet as a top recruit is huge. There aren't enough great Chet's. There's Chet Steadman, Chet Hunter and that's about it. So while you were watching football, Chet Holmgrenand Team Sizzle (his AAU team) played against Emoni Bates. Chet is currently the No. 1 recruit in the senior class and Emoni is labeled the best high school player in the country - he's a junior. 

And Chet Holmgren put on a goddamn show. A man that size of him - 7'0", a generous 190, shouldn't have the ability to look this smooth. 

Love him talking shit there at the end too. Also love the raise the roof guy. Every bench needs a guy like that. There's this package. Choose what play you like the most. Whether it's the smooth shooting stroke, the defensive block where it didn't matter Bates tried to use the rim for protection or the spin and finish. All fucking great.

Again, this shouldn't look so easy for a guy his size.

And more importantly for fans like us, it sounds like he wants to spend a year in college hoops. Sure the G League route is on the table, but he keeps saying how he wants to go to college hoops for a year. This is his current top-7

His dad played at Minnesota and his good friend Jalen Suggs is at Gonzaga this year. Gotta think Gonzaga is the favorite. He just seems like a Gonzaga type player. They always excel with these skilled big men. And this isn't even anything against Emoni Bates who dropped 36. Chet just changed the game on both sides of the floor. They both look like the legit real deal. After this draft, we're going to have 3 straight drafts of solid tanking with Cade Cunningham/Jalen Green, Chet and then Emoni Bates. 

Shit, let him go pro right now considering his name is Chet Holmgren and he's leading Team Sizzle like this. That's Hall of Fame worthy. But it doesn't just stop there. He hopped on and started talking shit right after the game ended for everyone who doubted him against Emoni. 

Give me all the Chet stock.