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Question Of The Morning - How Long Will It Take For Dustin Johnson To Get Over Yesterday's Choke Job?



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Obviously the big news of the weekend, Dustin Johnson coming within a 12 foot putt of winning the US Open and a 4 foot putt from forcing a playoff only to miss both and have the ultimate nightmare in front of the country on the 18th hole. Now obviously it’s not the biggest choke in sports nor golf. Dustin Johnson wasn’t some wire to wire leader who imploded down the stretch and gave it all back, this wasn’t Greg Norman at the Masters, not to mention putting was pretty fucking difficult at Chambers Bay. That chance doesn’t happen if Spieth doesn’t botch 17 or if Dustin Johnson doesn’t hit 2 great shots on 18. So it’s more of a mini choke job but a choke job none the less. So the question is how long does it take for DJ to get over this? I know he’s a pro athlete and not some schlub sitting on his couch but still? This has to be like a year plus right? That 4 foot putt will be the last thing he thinks about when he closes his eyes at night and the first thing he sees when he wakes up. Just rattling around in his brain every time he has more than 2 seconds of alone time. I honestly feel bad for the guy and hope he rebounds because I know that if I were in his shoes I’d probably just hole myself up in my mansion for the next 5 years, drunkly putting random objects from 4 feet away.






Also doesn’t help that your father in law is one of the greatest winners of all time. “Hey Dustin pass the salt, oh whoops, my Stanley Cup ring knocked over half the table, clumsy me”.



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