Explaining Why Alexandra Cooper Is At WAR With The TikTok Sway House

P.s. I know Pat blogged this already, but he truly butchered it and barely explained anything.

Earlier today, I blogged about our father, Alex Cooper, making a special guest appearance on Dave's TikTok podcast with Josh Richards. On said podcast, she went on to roast most of the members of The Sway House, a residence filled with TikTok dudes that have millions of followers including Josh Richards (who co-hosts BFFs with Dave).

This apparently caught the eyes of the fellas at The Sway House. Blake Gray, who Alex Cooper said needs to go back from blonde hair to dark hair, quote tweeted @BarstoolSports:

To which Alexandra responded:

BOOM. I'm not 100% sure what she means, but I assume that she is alluding to Blake Gray's girlfriend spilling all her relationship details in the CHD hosts DMs? Blake Gray is currently going out with Amelie Zilber:

She does follow Alexandra on Instagram, so I guess it is possible she is spilling details on Blake Gray in her DMs? Is it possible she is a member of the #DaddyGang?

Blake then referred to Cooper as a 30-something, which I gotta say is beyond disrespectful and put him up MAJOR on the scoreboard:

Blake Gray's fans (I guess he has those?) hit Coop with the "you're irrelevant" tweet:

But then the #DaddyGang came in HOT:

While all of this was going on, Bryce Hall, known BAD BOY of the Sway House, got involved:

I don't really get the whole comparing Sofia and Alex to 2 Broke Girls outside of the fact that we have a blonde and brunette in both? Maybe it's funny in Bryce's jock brain, something I don't fully understand.

Josh reminded Bryce that he was Sid:

In a crazy turn of events, one that I truly didn't see coming, Bryce hit Alex with the "there is a lot of reverse sexism going on right now."

Dudes fucking rock.

Griffin Johnson, who was exposed earlier in the day for sliding into Alex's DMs:

Hopped back into the d-r-a-m-a, mostly defending Alex, because he is still busy SIMPing for her:

Gotta respect the game from him. Down, but not out. Using the attention for a potential good. Alex is in London with some rich guy right now who looks like a greek god (I assume), but you never know. She may be into TikTok dudes tomorrow.