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New Mexico State's Basketball Team Is Reportedly Moving To A Completely Different State This Season So They Can Play Games

College sports in 2020 man. We've seen things I never expected to see in my lifetime and that doesn't even include legislation being passed to let college athletes make money on NIL. That might not even crack top-10 unexpected things to happen in college sports this year. Now we have New Mexico State basketball moving to another state to play games this season. It makes sense, yesterday we had news of New Mexico football team doing the same

Now if you're asking yourself why would they move to another state to play games and get this season going? Simple. Money. NMSU is the heavy favorite to win the WAC this year and make the NCAA Tournament. You know how you make more money as a program? You win games and get to the NCAA Tournament. They were supposed to be awesome last year, returning everyone from a team that almost beat Auburn in the first round of the 2019 NCAA Tournament. 

As a fan I'm ALL for this. I want every team playing, especially teams that will likely be in the NCAA Tournament. Get unique and move to Vegas. Who doesn't want to live in Vegas for a season? I'm sure there's no way that can go wrong trying to keep college kids holed up there. It also shows why we need to let these guys make money on name, image and likeness. Every decision made is a money move because the NCAA is a business. The more everyone recognizes that, the easier it is to accept how this should be. 

I have no idea how this is going to work in terms of where they play. Do they split time with UNLV at their gym? Do they play at like Orleans Arena instead? Either way, 13 days until games start. That's what I'm going to remember with every single one of these blogs. There will be games. We will be arguing about teams. I can't fucking wait.