The Schedule For College Basketball's 'Bubbleville' (WITH 9AM GAMES!) Is Better Than Sex

Yes, I know what sex feels like. I've had it once and that's how my kid got here. This is better than that. Why? Well first of all Bubbleville is an A+ name. That's how you know shit is serious. The NHL and NBA had 'their bubble' that's not sexy. Bubbleville? That's a real place and that's dripping in sex appeal. That lets you know there's going to be games and more importantly a bunch of them.

Second of all take a look at that schedule. We're getting a 9am game during the week. You know how awesome that is? Brings me back to when we used to get the 24-hour college basketball marathon and someone like Manhattan would always play at 9am. Fry up some bacon, get a second cup of coffee and start watching and betting college basketball. There's no better feeling than that. Oh wait, there is. It's following it up with 5 other games on the same day. 

And then third of all, take a look at some of the names here. We could be seeing a top-3 matchup if Nova and Baylor both win their first game. We get a top-25 matchup the first day with Baylor and Arizona State. People are super high on ASU this year with Remy Martin as a preseason first team All-American and 5-star Joshua Christopher. Let's see how they do against one of the best defenses in the country. Not enough for you? Here's a couple mid-major programs in Vermont vs St. Bonaventure that are both expected to win/finish in the top-3 of their conference this year. Still not enough? How about Oregon in year 1 after Peyton Prtichard and still being a top-25 team. How about Virginia? A preseason top-5 team joining Bubbleville. 

This is what we need more of. I want to see shit like this happen even after coronavirus. Credit all this going on at the Mohegan Sun in Connecticut. Now things will change because Iona is dropping out: 


A coach texted me right after this that the NCAA needs to get its head out of its ass with the 14-day quarantine. We won't have a season if teams are shut down for 14 days if a support staff member tests positive. Adjust to 7 days and it makes way more sense. But shutting down for 2 weeks, which is essentially 5 games in a 27ish game season is just impossible to make up. We're all obviously worried about everyone's health, but from a logistical standpoint it doesn't make sense. You can be careful without jeopardizing the season with this. 

We're onto Bubbleville though. 13 days boys and girls. Buckle the fuck up because the season is here. Basketball will be played and that's what I care about.