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Me and the Sway House Have Beef

Okay, so a few weeks ago I made a blog about Bryce Hall and the Sway house, In this blog I talk about my experience with the Sway house and how I auditioned to become a "Sway Boy" but was denied for multiple reasons. 

When I posted this blog it actually did quite well and I received a follow from the man himself, Bryce Hall. Since then I do believe that the Sway House boys have been watching my content quite carefully…maybe too carefully. 

I get that they are a "content creation" house and they are constantly looking for new ideas and such…but blatantly stealing my content is pretty ridiculous. Let me explain…

So basically this morning I came into the office as usual and I sat down at my desk, but for some reason today was different than the rest. Something felt off. Something felt out of the norm…"Why?" You might ask. Well that's because I was feeling myself. I was feeling hot. I was feeling sexy. I was feeling like a bad bitch. 

So, as one would, I decided this was the perfect opportunity to take a little thirst trap and post it on Tik Tok or Twitter. I took some selfies and they came out great. I looked sexy as fuck. 

I figured just to be safe (before sharing these pics on the internet) it would be a smart move to send these over to some of the guys and just get an idea of what they thought. Luckily, they fucking loved them.

That was the green light. It was time for these selfies to hit the timeline. It was time to post a thirst trap. 

Honestly it went even better than I expected. My first real thirst trap…and people fucking loved it.

I was honestly shocked by the reaction it got from my followers. I decided since it was doing so well on Twitter why not drop a thirst trap on Tik Tok as well. So…that's just what I did.

That was that. I posted a thirst trap and it was wildly successful. I didn't really think much of it…not until this morning.

This morning I'm scrolling the Tik Tok "for you" page for about an hour or so. Suddenly something pops up on my timeline. A Sway Boy. The famous "Josh Richards" to be exact. And what do I see? I see Josh Richards basically posting a carbon copy of my thirst trap. 

"This can't be real?" I think to myself. How are they going to deny me from the Sway house and then steal my content? Makes no fucking sense. It was a cheap shot. I felt like someone just put an ice pick through my heart. I was broken. 

Without reading the usernames, watch both Tik Toks and let me know if you can even tell who's who. They are exactly the same fucking video.

Tik Tok #1:

Tik Tok #2: 

I will be taking legal action.