Ari Gold Tried To Force His Way Onto The Final Season Of BALLERS But HBO Fumbled The Bag

Mind-blowingly terrible decision from HBO here. Zero vision whatsoever. I loved BALLERS. Well, love is a strong word. I loved how absurd it was. It was football ENTOURAGE, only worse. The acting was worse. The plot was worse. The continuity never really lined up. But it happened. And it starred The Rock and John David Washington, which will only look like more and more of a coup as the years go on. It was an absurd show, start to finish. And it would have been perfectly absurd had they signed on Ari Gold for the final season of the show.

Can you imagine Spencer Strasmore and Ari Gold battling it out for the rights to the Raiders or the Chiefs who were sold for reasons they never truly made clear? Or if they made the Mahomes negotiations much more difficult and had Ari and Spencer going toe-to-toe at the negotiation table? HBO's constantly dangling an Ari Gold stand alone show in our faces and this would have been a perfect compromise. Who gives a shit if this was going to be the last season of BALLERS. It was fucking BALLERS it wasn't a real show. This wasn't prestige television anyone should have been worried about ruining. This was a show that had Russell Brand owning an extreme sports company for crying out loud. I can't think of an easier thing to sell to an audience than inserting the most recognizable fictional agent in HBO history onto a show about fictional agents. A couple fresh rants, some new gif worthy scenes, that's all I needed. But HBO couldn't see the vision. I wont go as far to say that this ruined my Thursday but it certainly soured my mood substantially.