"You Can't Have Mac & Cheese On Thanksgiving" Is The Worst Take I've Ever Heard

It's that time of the year again. The time where the internet comes together to collectively shit on each other's tastebuds and food preferences. Why people continue sharing pictures of their struggle plates and terrible opinions, I have no idea. We've been doing this for too many years now for idiots to be making the same mistakes over and over again only to be dogwalked time and time again. This year, two weeks out from carving the bird, we have an early frontrunner for the worst take of the season and it comes from our own Marty Mush.

Now the thing to understand about Marty is that not only is he an idiot, but he also eats exclusively garbage. Never seen him eat something green. He admittedly eats his Oreos preferably in the shower. There's plenty of red flags to tell you what kind of man would cobble together a take so terrible. But the reason for his misguided take lies within the palate he has created for himself. Even in this clip he admits he's a trash bag. I don't think he even knows Mac & Cheese comes in another form that doesn't require being poured out of a blue and yellow box. Of course that shouldn't be served as a side on Thanksgiving. What absolutely needs to be in the mix on your table? This tin of heaven:

Baked, not stove top with some cheese powder that turns it fluorescent yellow. You toss a slab of that on your plate and your innards will be singing like Patti LaBelle. In fact if you don't have something like this in your house I don't even want to know what kind of bland, flavorless food you're serving. Just keep that to yourself and spare us all the trouble. Unglazed carrots, arid mashed potatoes, an unseasoned, overcooked, dry bird, I can't even imagine what kind of horrors you miscreants have been subjecting yourself to over the years if you think mac & cheese doesn't belong as a featured side. Be better. Not for me. But for yourselves. This isn't 1492 anymore, nor is it even 1612. Join the future, upgrade your Thanksgiving. 

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