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Last 14 Seasons For The Indians: 5 Cy Young Winners, 0 World Series Championships

I don't know whether to be happy or mad at this statistic. Actually, I do know. I am mad. Congratulations to Shane Bieber for being the MLB's first unanimous Cy Young winner since Clayton Kershaw in 2014, but for the 5th time in 14 seasons, the Indians were unable to turn it into a World Series title. In fact, the Indians didn't even MAKE IT to the World Series in any of these years. Their only World Series appearance in the last 23 seasons was in 2016, when Rick Porcello from the Red Sox won it. 

Sooooo....uhhhhh....what the hell? I would like to think that having the head and shoulders best pitcher in baseball would give us a pretty good shot of winning baseball games in the postseason, but apparently it does not. 

2020: Shane Bieber (unanimous Cy Young) and the Indians got swept 2-0 in the Wild Card Round

2017: Corey Kluber and the Indians lost 3-2 in the ALDS

2014: Corey Kluber and the Indians DIDNT EVEN MAKE THE PLAYOFFS

2008: Cliff Lee and the Indians DIDNT EVEN MAKE THE PLAYOFFS

**So uhhh, if I'm reading this correctly thus far, the Indians last 4 Cy Young winners translated to ZERO playoff series wins. And then miraculously our 5th Cy Young winner actually got us to the ALCS......

2007: CC Sabathia and the Indians lost 4-3 in the ALCS

Another frustrating fact, aside from never winning the World Series with all this great pitching, is that until Shane Bieber, we've had to get rid of or let go of each pitcher that has won the Cy Young with the Indians because we can't afford them. So, I'm no fortune teller, but at what point do we decide to deal Shane Bieber? That'd be classic Cleveland Indians baseball. Use him until he deserves to get paid, and then trade him.

Also, this ridiculous statistic doesn't even factor in that Trevor Bauer won the NL Cy Young last night. If I was really on one this morning, I'd argue that the Indians really had six Cy Young winners in the last 14 years. Because we 100% could've kept Trevor Bauer in Cleveland. But again, money. We have a billionaire owner that cries poor.

Put this one on the Dolan's tombstone. "14 Seasons, 5 Cy Youngs, 0 World Series Titles, Traded Francisco Lindor, But I Saved 20 Bucks"