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Today I Learned Rod Stewart Used To Take Cocaine Anally

WCR - In his new memoir, 'Rod: The Autobiography," Stewart finally addresses that infamous story and spreads something else unbelievable, that he and Ron Wood used to insert cocaine through his rear end.

"[W]e started buying anticold capsules from the chemist's," he wrote. "Separating the two halves of the capsules, replacing their contents with a pinch of cocaine, and then taking the capsules anally, where, of course, the human body being a wonderful thing, they would dissolve effortlessly into the system."

While this may sound like typical rock star excess, there's actually a valid reason for it. By snorting cocaine, Stewart was worried that he was putting his nasal passages - and thus his famous singing voice - at risk. In other words, he stuck cocaine up his butt for the fans, man.

One of the "perks" of this gig has been the fucking awesome stuff I never had a clue about being sent to me by stoolies of all ages and walks of life. This was one of them.

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Date: November 10, 2020 at 5:24:10 PM CDT
Subject: Watch while your high


Me and my friends all love your blogs! Got a great story for you to cover for watch while youre high. Rod Stewart and alot of musicians back in the day used to inject coke up their asses. I have no idea how you spin it but work your magic. 

Not really sure what to add to the fact that Rod Stewart in fact did this and admitted to it. All in the name of saving his golden pipes. A for effort I guess? 

Who would have thought the guy who sang "Maggie May" was so ingenuitive when it came to party favors?

Sidebar - this was casually thrown in at the bottom of the article 

As for the other story, Stewart claims that it was started by publicist Tony Toon as a form of revenge after Stewart fired him. "[Toon] fed the press a story in which, as a consequence of an evening spent orally servicing a gang of sailors in a gay bar in San Diego, I had been required to check into a hospital emergency room to have my stomach pumped," he continued. "I have never orally pleasured even a solitary sailor…And I have never had my stomach pumped, either of naval-issue semen nor of any other kind of semen."

p.s. - "Young Turks" is an absolute banger