Big Baby Davis Played a Charity Basketball Tournament in the Most Ridiculously Small Uniform You Have Ever Seen

Holy hell, Glen. Did they not even have an XL available?

Big Baby Davis showed up and played in The Crew League, a charity tournament with some notable former players and celebrities. Davis somehow led his squad to victory and a $100,000 prize for charity while donning the most ill-fitting uniform of all-time.

It's so ridiculous that I'm 99 percent sure it was a bit, but I'd love it even more if he really showed up to the gym and was handed a medium uniform to go out there and play. As a fellow unit myself, I can certainly relate to going to an event where some sort of t-shirt or article of clothing is necessary and being assured everything will be taken care of. Never trust people who say that if you wear anything bigger than an XL.

I respect the hell out of Big Baby for being able to play in that uniform, though, regardless of however it came about. If you get put in the spin cycle by a dude wearing a crop top and shorts that look like they were glued on, you have to hang up the shoes for a little while and go re-evaluate some things.