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"I'm Trying To Get Paid, I'm Not Shy About That" - Fred VanVleet Is Talking Like His Days In Toronto Might Be Over

The free agency of Fred VanVleet is a pretty big deal. If you look at the current free agent point guard market, he's arguably the best option if you're a team that needs point guard help. There are older veterans like Dragic (34) and Rondo (34) out there, but they most likely are getting low to moderate deals. VanVleet (26), is looking for that bag and chances are he's going to get it. He has championship experience, he's been getting better every year, and he's hitting the market at a time where there aren't a ton of options available. The tricky part is finding out where he could go. These are the teams with legit space this offseason

Atlanta Hawks

New York Knicks

Detroit Pistons

Sacramento Kings

New Orleans Pelicans

Charlotte Hornets

I think we can cross off the Hawks/Kings/Pelicans/Hornets from that list (unless they trade Rozier or something). FVV is an UFA, so he can go wherever he wants and the Raptors will have to deal with it. They do have $19M of space this offseason, but they also have to be very careful how they handle their cap with Giannis' potential free agency on deck. They are obviously all in on bringing in Giannis if he doesn't sign that extension. That means they most likely won't have the highest offer, but if you're FVV would you rather make more money and play for the Knicks, or take slightly less on a team that you know will be contending in the East? 

VanVleet is an interesting case because while we did see him single-handedly play a huge role in why the Raptors won a title and has proven to be a legit guard

he also did get exposed a little bit in these most recent playoffs. He shot just 34/31% in the second round series against the Celts, even after he ran his mouth about how they fucked up and gave the Raptors life. That was awkward for him I'm sure considering he then went 8-20 in Game 7. But if you're the Pistons or the Knicks, he's probably the best quality free agent you'll be able to pull right? It's not like they are going to land a blue chip player with that cap space, so why not make an offer on a guy who can be a respectable point guard option.

On the Raptors side, if he is gone, they have some decisions to make. Ibaka is also a free agent and could bolt to a different contender, Gasol is gone, and really all that is left is Lowry/Siakam/OG/Powell as main guys. Lowry is getting older and Siakam needs to figure out a move other than a spin move, so what do they do? Do they say fuck it and blow it up? That would certainly make them less attractive to Giannis though. Maybe they are able to convince FVV that a jump to 18M from the 9M he just made is big enough to where staying in Toronto makes the most sense. 

But if he doesn't give a shit where he goes and just wants the highest offer possible which is certainly his right and something that he's earned, well then his days in Toronto are probably coming to an end.