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The Answer To Who Would You Rather Be, Brady, Seguin, Or Gronk Is D) Patrick Kane


So pres wrote a blog this morning about who you would rather be. Brady, Seguin or Gronk. And while it was a tough question if you keep it to just those three guys, the answer is obviously 100% Patrick Kane. No doubt about it. Its actually not even close in my mind. First of all Chicago is not only better than Boston but its also bigger, by like a million times. Yeah Gronk and Seguin crush it in Boston but that’s just classic big fish in a small pond. Patrick Kane is a Shark in the Pacific Ocean. Its like someone going to Arizona State vs someone who went to a small east coast liberal arts college. Pure Numbers game.  Second, when you stack them up 1 on 1 its an absolute bloodbath. Patrick Kane is younger than Brady and not married. He’s not as injury proned or as  dumb as Gronk, and he’s a better hockey player than Tyler Seguin. All those things should count.


Look, at the end of the day, they all crush pussy. They all can get any chick they want. They all live a life that is far beyond our wildest dreams. So isn’t the tie breaker the fact that Patrick Kane lives in a better city and  is one of the best player’s in his sport? Not to mention he doesn’t have to suck up to the media, they already hate him (Punching a cab driver, Mifflin, being drunk for 1,000 days straight after we won the Cup in 2010) so at this point he can literally can do whatever the fuck he wants. Absolute No Brainer. Patrick Kane all day, everyday, and twice on Sunday.



Toews would be in the running if he didnt have to be so serious and captain like all the time. That cramps the whole getting blacked out and banging puck sluts mojo that the rest of these guys have going for them.