Watch How Lethal Big Ben Pump Fakes Are

He did it last week against Baltimore, and on Sunday he added two more to the incredibly long list of plays that were made possible because of his pump fake.  

First play is right before the half. Steelers down 13-0 and need a play. James Washington is lined up outside to Big Ben's right. It's an empty formation. Slot receiver on the inside is going to run a flat out. Steelers combine that with James Washington hitting a slant and go. Big Ben pumps hard as soon as Washington breaks to the slant, then drops a dime over the top in the back of the endzone after the defender bites. Easy touchdown.

Second play comes at the start of the 4th quarter with the Steelers down 10. Empty formation again. JuJu is lined up in the slot. He runs a deep out and up. He sells the corner route to get the safety to turn his hips, Big Ben pumps to get him to drive, then JuJu whips back across the safety's face and is wide open. Big Ben puts it on him. JuJu finishes the play. Touchdown Steelers. 

It's amazing watching each and every week to see the Steelers offense lulling defenses to sleep with the quick outs/slants only to set them up for later on to utilize Big Ben's unmatched pump fakes to set up easy touchdowns. 

A thing of beauty.