Some Girls Don't Appreciate Real Romance Anymore And It's Disgusting


There's 3 options here:

1) This is fake. Always the first option when it comes to internet videos that don't make much sense. 

2) Their first date included doing a shit ton of shrooms. My man is sitting there playing Linkin Park acoustic sets, there is no way he's not under the influence. Let's use our brains a little bit, something is amiss about him, and I'm going shrooms.

3) This isn't a date at all. She went over to jump his bones, he's still playing COD with the boys, and he'll get to her when his missions are complete.


For the sake of the blog, I'm going to rule out option 1. Let's say this is real. Option 2 makes a lot of sense. He's high as hell. Now, why isn't she high? BECAUSE THIS ISN'T A DATE. Number 3 nailed it. If she thinks this is a date, boy, the bar could not be lower. Nothing screams "first date" like sitting in Rudy's basement while he's tripping balls. 

I think the real issue here is she's being a stick in the mud. Pop a molly, do a line, chug a beer, DO SOMETHING. You can't be sitting there on the couch like a rock while he's singing his heart out to you on the couch. Provide some backing vocals for heaven's sake! You know how difficult it is to do the Chester (RIP) AND Mike Shinoda parts? He's doing his best over there, go get involved. Harmonize!

So I put this on her. This is the guy's apartment you went over, you gotta make the most of it. And if it's *so bad*, why are you still there? Hmmmmm? Whatcha still doing there? No car? Ubers exist. Your friends you're snap chatting exist. She *wants* to be there. But honestly, she doesn't deserve that king.