Home Run Ball Ransom Notes Are Depressing As Shit In The Minor Leagues

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First let me say that dinger ransom notes are already played out. The Indians had one asking for all Apple products/some lube then like a week later they had another one asking for all Galaxy products (I guess to just smash for fun?), that instantly killed it. Two notes from the same team that quickly is lame as shit.



But this one isn’t lame, it’s just really sad. These guys are pretty much asking for basic human rights. It’s like Santa getting some poor kid up on his lap, asking what he wants for Christmas and the kid looking up, doe eyed, saying he just wants dinner every night. Depressing, depressing stuff. Half these guys literally want that. A meal. The others just want shoes, or clothes on their back. It’s fucking sad man. You hear the stories about minor leaguers living like they’re on the Blackout Tour, traveling in cramped vans and staying at the Red Roof Inn. But then you see them kidnapping and committing crimes just so they can eat and it really hits home.