Would You Pay A $35,000 Fine And Barely Avoid Jail Time To Celebrate This Model's Birthday If She Was Your Girlfriend?

[Source] - REAL MADRID star Luka Jovic will pay a £27,000 fine to avoid jail for breaking Serbian lockdown rules last March, according to reports. The striker was facing six months in prison for flouting coronavirus laws in his homeland.

But he reportedly came to a financial agreement with Serbian authorities so he avoids doing time. And although Jovic did not repeat the offence, when he refused to pay an original £27k fine authorities began judicial proceedings which culminated in a six month prison sentence, according to Cadena COPE via Spanish outlet AS.

Back in March Luka Jovic, a player for Real Madrid, decided to sneak out of Serbian lockdown to hang out with his model girlfriend for her birthday. In other words, the man was horny and wanted to give his girl birthday sex. That's just an A+ boyfriend if you ask me. 

And since then they've gotten engaged. Now here's the dagger. There's zero chance he gets to use trump card going forward. It's not like during the next fight he gets to drop 'I BROKE QUARANTINE AND WAS FINED $35,000 FOR YOUR BIRTHDAY!' It doesn't work that way. Any guy that has ever been in one single relationship will tell you that much. I don't care if she looks like this: 

Actually, never mind let's be honest. We'd all risk the fine if she sent a 'you up' text whether we're dating or not. But I would think twice about it. I've talked about it before but Eastern European countries scare the shit out of me. People from the Baltic states are the first people I will run away from in a fight. Throw in the fact you got cops patrolling lock down? No thank you. I would order in, surprise her with a homecooked meal, leave her unsatisfied after 3 minutes and call it a birthday. At least he's not going to jail though. That's a positive.