Smokeshow Of The Day: A Bikini-Clad Grittney

From 6 ABC

The Flyers mascot Gritty is a fan favorite, but it's got be awfully lonely being a giant orange furball. Well, that is until we found Grittney making headlines. 

She went viral after taking to the streets of London on election night to celebrate Philadelphia's fame on the international stage. Locals gasped and were shocked to see Grittney flaunt her bikini body in her two piece bathing suit.

Her creator, Riot Rogers, is an aspiring costume designer in London. She tells 6abc she has been a big fan of the Flyers and Gritty because her ex-boyfriend was from the states.

When they broke up, Grittney was her way of keeping herself occupied. Rogers says Grittney is made from anger, tears and upholstery foam, and like her man, her hands make a special sound effect too.


Not gonna lie, I feel a little heartbroken about this but in my current state I can't be all that bitter. We had a good run, Gritty. 

And fair warning to anyone seeing the Philly Phanatic right now… watch the f*ck out. Your time may be short.