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Wake Up With Don Mattingly Getting Tossed Out With A Hot Mic

First things first, congrats to Don Mattingly and the Marlins. They had an insane rollercoaster year that started with like 19 of their guys being out with Covid. They were the laughing stock of baseball and the butt of every joke. Fast forward 60 games and they made the playoffs. Albeit a shortened season, but still, they competed for 60 games and made the playoffs. We didn't think they'd be able to finish the season let alone make it into October. Mattingly was a big part of that, esp when you have 19 guys out and you're literally meeting your players for the first time as they step into the on-deck circle. So shout out Don. He also gave us this great hot mic ejection where he gets run for arguing balls and strikes. Lotttttt of f bombs from Donny Baseball, lot of em. My favorite part was when he tells the ump "There's nobody here who gives a fuck?" Great ejection and interaction from your NL Manager Of The Year.