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This Week's Lunatic Voicemail Comes From A Pissed Off Uber Driver. BONUS - Barstool Chicago's Individual Uber Ratings

This week's voicemail is an up and down ride. We've all dealt with psychotic ride share drivers. It comes with the territory when you grant pretty much anybody the ability to chauffeur around random strangers. You're rolling the dice. 

Well this guy calling was obviously concerned he was going to drive all the way to the location and end up with a no show so he was calling this "little shit" to make sure they'd be there. 


Got this one a few years back when I was ordering an Uber from Uptown to the loop. Guy was a good 9 minutes out so I cancelled and received this gem of a voicemail. Enjoy.

On a crazy scale of 1-10 this ended up being like a 5. But I've got a bonus for you. 

I asked the Chicago crew to send me their individual Uber ratings in hopes that I could breakdown what warranted such awful scores and in a shocking turn of events, they are all lights out. 

Politeness, well-mannered, professional, and all class. The Barstool Chicago difference.