Tim Tebow Refused to Call a Play With the Jets Because It Featured the Word 'Shit'

Saturday Down South — The story that Mangold told featured a time at practice in which Tebow, who was the backup quarterback, was running a few plays with the offense. However, Tebow wouldn’t say the name of a play they were supposed to run. Its name? The ‘Y Oh S**t Screen.’

“He goes through the whole formation and gets to the last play — ‘Y … all right, screen, you guys know what it is,'” Mangold recalled. “And we’re like, ‘No, Tim, what is it?’ Then he goes, ‘No, I’m not going to say it.’ ‘I don’t know what the play is then, you’ve got to be able to say it.’ I mean, I think we ended up getting yelled at for that because we were taking forever in the huddle, but it was like, I don’t know what the ‘Y You Guys Know What It Is Screen’ is.”

From everybody who has ever met the guy, it seems like the one thing you can safely say about Tim Tebow is that none of his persona is an act. He really practices what he preaches.

But I can imagine being in the huddle with a guy playing the most important position in sports who refuses to say the word "shit" might get a little old. Just call the play, pal. Tebow causes a media circus everywhere he goes and he won't even call the "Y Oh Shit Screen" correctly.

And for all everybody always talks about how difficult NFL terminology is, it seems pretty easy to me. I don't know where the "Y Oh Shit Screen" ranks in terms of percentile of play calling difficulty, but if at least half the playbook is that level, I think I could figure out the rest.

But every time I hear a story like this about Tebow, I just can't get over the fact that one of the most notable Christian voices in the United States won a national title at Florida while practicing every day with a murderer, a thief and a racist — all led by one of history's greatest snake oil salesmen.

Thank God he won't say "shit", though.