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I Triple Dog Dare You To Decorate Your Christmas Hot Dog With Barstool Chicago


I don't come here shamelessly promoting Barstool Chicago products very often so spare me the eye rolls. I'm a business, man. Not a businessman. I don't focus on the optics and the marketing and the brand recognition. I'm here to move product and that's exactly what I plan to do with these glorious ugly sweaters from Barstool Chicago:

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I don't want to shame you out of other products. I just want to make you aware that certain designs have long-term staying power, and your Chicago hot dog decorated as a Christmas tree is exactly that kind of design. Is this about Christmas 2020 or Christmas for the rest of your life? Too long have I waded through the muddy waters that are my colleagues selling inferior ugly Christmas sweaters. Barstool Chicago has entered the chat and I'm here to take your business. 20% off is still going strong so don't wait until tomorrow when you could've used the extra $10 on a frozen pizza or 12-pack of GTLFs. That's my early Christmas present to you guys because I'm that kind of guy. 

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