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Tony La Russa Tried To Get Out Of His DUI By Telling The Arresting Officer He's A Hall Of Famer

At this point I'm just laughing hysterically at this. It's just so goddamn funny to me. I keep imagining I'm a fly on the wall, watching La Russa drunkenly tell the cop "I'm a Hall of Famer Brother" in Hulk Hogan's voice. That's the only thing getting me through this train wreck, is to see that they have Morris Buttermaker managing them. 

This tweet made me laugh out loud, too:

Sheer perfection. I wonder what my good friend Rick (Hahn), Kenny Williams and Scott Reifert are doing today? Are they having a laugh with themselves, thinking "I told ya so!" to Reinsdorf? Are they miserable trying to duck and dodge the media and fanbase? That's another fly on the wall situation I'd LOVE to be a part of right now.

SPIN ZONE - I absolutely LOVE the confidence. Just shoving your Hall of Fame accolades down everyone's throats. You think CB Bucknor or Joe West is going to give any shit to TLR knowing he's a Hall of Famer? For sure not. Who in the fuck are they to mess with someone who's in the Hall? 

Whatever though. Just weather the storm and go win baseball games. If they win the division next year nobody remembers this embarrassment of a hiring. Simple as that.