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HOLY SHIT: Jon Rahm Just Skipped In A Hole-In-One During His Practice Round At The Masters

Holy FUCK what a shot from Jon Rahm! Man that was fucking awesome. Jon Rahm skipped that damn ball across that damn pond and it went into the damn hole. Easily one of the most insane shots you'll ever see in your life. How did Jon Rahm not strip off all his clothes and jump into the pond? That's what I would've done. Rahm was clearly pumped but not nearly as pumped as he should've been. Pop that top off and get into the pond, Jonny!  I'm not even gonna pose the, "How many shots do you think it would take you to do that?" question because the correct answer is infinity. I would never ever be able to do that regardless of how many attempts or how much time you'd give me. You could give me one chance or a trillion chances, the outcome would be the same. It's just never happening. I'd die longgggggg before I'd be able to do it.

It's a real bummer there's no fans allowed this year because that place would've EXPLODED after it went in. I'm talking there would've been earth-shaking applause and screaming and people falling outta the grandstands. Alas. I didn't think we'd miss fans this early during Masters week but that place would've gone bananas for that miracle shot from Jon Rahm. Fuck you COVID for the ten millionth time.