Watch Christopher Walken Try An Irish Accent In The First Trailer For 'Wild Mountain Thyme'

Family conflicts arise when the patriarch threatens to give their farm over to an American nephew as opposed to his own son.

Well, that was certainly an interesting accent. This movie looks actually quite charming! There is just something about Irish accents and the countryside there that just feels like ASMR to the soul. That might just be my genetics telling me telling me that it's what my starving bastard ancestors once called home. Regardless, I think this movie has a chance to succeed because Emily Blunt rules and Jon Hamm is just playing Don Draper. Thats a great combo! Jamie Dornan is also probably hungry for redemption after the blunt failure that was the 50 shades franchise. 

Now I just really want to hear Christopher Walken say "Ya like Dawgs?"

This comes from John Patrick Shanley, who is directing this adaptation of his own play 'Outside Mullingar'.