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This "Model" Is Paying $42,000 To Prove Her Ass Is Real

Daily Star - A model says she'll do anything to prove that her bum is not fake.

Jessica Rast has graced the front covers of many magazines, including Maxim Australia.

But now the beauty has expressed her anger over the fact that people don't believe her booty is natural.

She revealed how she will do what it takes to prove it's real, even if it means forking a fortune on getting a certificate.

The model is paying £32,000 ($42,201) for a plastic surgeon to prove that her bum is actually real.

She said: "Many people say that my butt is fake because it is so round and cheerful." Jessica continued: "Honestly, these comments really get to me because I was accused of things that are not true.

"It really upsets me. My body is natural. I work a lot at the gym with my personal trainer." The Canadian model credits her vegan diet and claims this helps her to keep in shape. She detailed: "I mainly eat a vegan diet, but occasionally, rarely, I also eat some seafood."

In addition, Jessica has always completed rigorous training from a young age.

The bombshell revealed: "I was a professional figure skater and I completed training from an early age which shaped my body."

Now Jessica's mission is to prove to fans that her bum isn't fake so she shared a radiograph of her booty on Instagram.

Finally declaring that she was fed-up, the social media sensation added: "I want to put an end to this, I hope it will resolve it finally."

Oh Canada! 

Jessica, I feel your pain. Nothing I hate more than when people see my perfectly sculpted ass, from skating also, and accuse me of performance-enhancing. 

I applaud your willingness to show the world how the sausage is made. Would I ever pay 40k to shut up the haters? Absolutely not. And I'm not really sure why a plastic surgeon is charging you that much when a regular Joe like me would gladly palm your ass and jiggle it for the world to see on youtube for free, but to each their own. If you got it flaunt it.