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This Stuart Scott/MJ Interview That Was Deleted From 'The Last Dance' Is Downright Awesome

First things first, why the hell was this cut from The Last Dance? This is a downright awesome interview where MJ opens up about people being compared to him and the fact that Stu Scott might have been one of the most universally beloved people ever. Scott was when SportsCenter mattered and was must see TV. You woke up in the morning and watched it, you went to bed with it on TV. If it was the summer you had SportsCenter on all day because that's how you a) saw highlights and b) caught the scores unless you were going to a newspaper. He made me want to be on TV with his one-liners and the fact he loved hoops. Whether it was a well timed “Boo Yah!” or a silky smooth “As cool as the other side of the pillow,” he was one of the best anchors of all time at ESPN. If you're around my age of 33, you essentially grew up with Stuart Scott. I would have loved seeing this in the documentary.

Then there's the list of names and it's just a reminder how much injuries fucking suck. Grant Hill and Penny Hardaway, two guys compared to MJ are on the all-time what-if team. They were never who they were supposed to be because of injuries and even to this day we still talk about what their careers could have been. You also get to see the competitive side in MJ - no shit - in the sense of saying there won't be another MJ. He's right. There won't be another MJ. You can steal part of his game but when you look at the success, the story, the legacy, it's impossible to have another MJ. Just like it's impossible to have another Wilt, another Shaq, another Duncan, etc. 

It's rare that we got MJ interviews let alone when he actually opened up. This is one of those times. He's honest and seems comfortable with Stu. 

Now if you don't mind me I'm going to watch some Stu Scott clips