What The Fuck Is Tubby Smith Doing Throwing Shade At Kentucky Hoops?

So I've seen this around college hoops and Kentucky Twitter and each time I see it I get pissed off. Listen, Tubby is right to a degree that you still have to win even if you inherit a team absolutely loaded that's coming off back to back title game appearances. But what the fuck is this 'they've only on one since I left' bullshit? Uhh no kidding Tubby, you grossly underachieved making just one Final Four and that was your first year. Then it was the Billy Gillispie disaster for two years. Tubby is the last person who should be throwing some shade at Kentucky considering he rolled out guys like Rajon Rondo, Randolph Morris, Jodie Meeks, Joe Crawford, Ramel Bradley and Patrick Sparks and couldn't get better than an 8 seed. That's gross. That's completely unacceptable at Kentucky. 

As someone who lived on campus during the Tubby and Billy G era, I'm so happy to have Cal as my guy. There's no one else in the world I want at Kentucky over him. Again, numbers never lie and he's the most successful coach in America since he took over the gold standard. He has a team competing for the title every single year. He wins more NCAA Tournament games than anyone else. He's made Kentucky the gold standard again. Thank God and my lucky stars every single day that he left Memphis for Kentucky.