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Friend Of The Century Spent Quarantine Building A Replica Disneyland Roller Coaster In His Backyard

[Source] - Sean LaRochelle of Napa recreated the Matterhorn in his backyard. He tried to nail every detail of the alpine-themed coaster, right down to the yeti!

LaRochelle said he started building the two-story coaster at the end of March and he finished it in July. He's currently going to graduate school for architecture and this is one way to build his portfolio.

They haven't made it clear if this guy is a dad or an uncle, but if he is it's pretty clear he locked up dad/uncle of the century. Oh people spent quarantine rewatching a bunch of shows or talking about The Last Dance or golfing. But not ole Sean LaRochelle who built a goddamn roller coaster. Really this is a genius move by him. Sure you can expand his portfolio as an architecture student, but he also now has the house that everyone wants to go to. You don't have to do the well I guess I'll drive and leave my car there and Uber home or just crash at a friends house. Nope, they have to come to your place. 

Now a roller coaster wouldn't be my first choice. I'd rather have replica MSG or Camden Yards or something sweet like that. Especially true if you can throw in the warehouse somehow with Camden Yards, but this roller coaster does look goddamn awesome. You don't have to go to Disneyland, which feels like a win right away. He should start charging people like $5 for a ride and make a profit now though. You put this much effort into a true replica roller coaster, you deserve to profit. 

PS: If I see Matterhorn all I think of is Entourage. I don't care if it's just a mountain, I just think of Ari trying to get Vince to do Matterhorn. Now imagine the replica Entourage Matterhorn roller coaster. Dom would be first in line.