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'You Know What? Fuck You' - Call Us Crazy, But We're Going To Guess LaVar Is Pissed LaMelo Left BBB

So this has been making the rounds on Twitter here now. Apparently this is the promo for the next 'Ball in the Family.' I know, I know. I'm just as shocked as you are that the show is still going on. Who knew? Anywho, LaVar out here dropping a you know what? Fuck you is A+. You don't just leave BBB. That's Big Baller Brand and last time I checked LaMelo's last name is Ball. 

I'll give LaVar this credit. He knew how to market his kids. LaMelo was in our face for years now and here he is as a projected top-3 pick. That's pretty damn impressive from LaMelo. I don't care what you think of the family, but the fact that LaMelo turned into this is damn impressive. Everyone assumed he'd just be this cherry picker who never made it and instead he decided to leave BBB and do his own thing. 

Remember, he's not the first Ball to leave BBB. 

And I know people will say 'stop giving this guy press'. You know what? Fuck you. It's wildly entertaining. They always deliver pageviews. Shit, remember the start of LaVar's journey here a few years ago? 

Says he could beat Michael Jordan 1 on 1 in his prime

Says his sons will be better than Steph Curry

Says his sons will be better than Michael Jordan

Says that Kareem, Michael, Magic and MJ all had sons that are wack.

Says he expects, and borderline demands, a 1 billion dollar shoe deal for his family

Hell, I even understand his side from a dad. If my son ends up being awesome at hoops or something else (please be hoops), yeah I'm going to cash out on that. Do you know how hard it is to raise a kid? They just whine and you have no idea what the fuck is wrong. They shit so much and you have to clean it up. They just run around and fall and then you try to console them and you catch a toy to the eye. All I'm saying is dads and moms everywhere deserve a cut if a kid is awesome and makes a shit ton of money. I'll even defend LaVar in the sense that he had all 3 kids scholarships before 1 decided to steal in China and 1 went overseas to play. He's going to have 2 in the NBA. He's made his kids millions of dollars. That ain't too shabby. 

The aggressive fuck you though? Yeah, that might be a bit too much, especially since LaMelo isn't there. Don't worry though - LiAngelo is to the rescue.