If Anything, Rutgers Football Is Fun To Watch Again

My story of becoming a college football fan started at Rentschler Field in East Hartford, Connecticut. My childhood was defined by Saturday's watching UConn Football at The Rent. At the time in the Big East (RIP), Rutgers and UConn had a bit of a rivalry. 

Since the days of Big East Football, both Rutgers and UConn have fallen off. The difference? At least Rutgers had an excuse (we are in the Big Ten). Their first two hires in the Big Ten were Kyle Flood and Chris Ash....both were awful. The only man to bring Rutgers back was the first guy that brought them to any national prominence: Greg Schiano.

In his first season, there is one thing you can say about Rutgers: they are at least fun to watch again, plus they won a Big Ten game for the first time in over 1000 days.

Against Indiana, they had the lateral play that didn't count:

And then against Ohio State, they came out with multiple trick plays:

Remember the big man #71 that just said "fuck it, someone is back there" during the Indiana play? He was rewarded with a TD against Ohio State:

And then one last one for good measure:

Ultimately, this didn't mean much outside of helping Rutgers cover against Ohio State, but it's a start. In Rutgers last 2 trips to Columbus, they scored 0 and 3 points. At least they showed some fight for a change. It will take a while for Rutgers to even start to compete against OSU, but it looks like Schiano has them on the right track.