Multiple SEC Schools Dealing With COVID Issues, LSU-Bama May Be Cancelled

Today was just one of those days in the SEC. Every 30 minutes or so it looked like there was a new school with a COVID outbreak.


LSU has Alabama this weekend, but that game looks like it will be postponed to December 12th. According to reports, LSU's outbreak relates back to a Halloween party:

Mississippi State:

Auburn @ Mississippi State has been cancelled after an outbreak for the Bulldogs. If you're itching that bad for an Auburn - Mississippi State game, you can rewatch the 3-2 game from 2008:


SOURCEThe Kentucky football team has returned from its off week without three assistant coaches.

"We’re dealing with some situations here right now," head coach Mark Stoops said Monday. "I’m down three offensive staff members right now that are not here. We just have to deal with it the way it comes at us and do the best we can."

Citing privacy regulations, Stoops declined to specify which staff members are out or the specific cause of the absences, but he did acknowledge the coronavirus was a factor.

"We have issues with COVID," he said. "It’s not out of control. Let’s hope it stays that way."

Texas A&M:


Coach Sam Pitman has tested positive. He seems to be in good spirit.


At this moment:

Georgia - Mizzou: ON

Vandy - Kentucky: in question

Texas A&M - Tenn: in question

Alabama - LSU: in question

Arkansas - Florida: ON

South Carolina - Ole Miss: ON

Miss St - Auburn: CANCELLED.

Some suggested that Alabama and Auburn come together this weekend to play an Iron Bowl pt. 1 before their scheduled game later in the season. In theory, that would be an awesome game to schedule, but would never happen, unfortunately. 

Why is this all happening at the same time? Who knows. Team to team transmission has yet to happen yet, but I would bet that teams across the SEC were following less COVID guidelines last weekend (Halloween) than the rest of the season. That seems to be the case for LSU.