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Worst Excuse Ever: British Woman Claims Her Alexa Ordered More Than $100 of Sex Toys Because Of A Scene In "Borat"

New York Post — Katie Brown’s virtual assistant was next to the TV when her brother Bobby, 25, was watching “Borat Subsequent Moviefilm,” where Sacha Baron Cohen’s character tried to order three flashlights, The Sun reported.

The bumbling Kazakh wound up ordering three similarly sounding rubbery sex toys mimicking female genitalia – prompting Alexa to do the same for Brown.

“When she went off my brother knew it had happened and came to me to check. I was in stitches but then I thought, ‘Hang on a minute, £107? I need to cancel this as quickly as I can,’” the mortified woman said.

So, I have never purchased a device to allow any more big tech overlords to listen to my every waking moment. I already have a cell phone and laptop for all that. But I'm pretty sure Amazon's Echos don't just order sex toys because they heard it happen in a movie. Something is afoot.

According to Amazon, “when customers order using Alexa, the item will not automatically be purchased, but rather added to your shopping cart.”

A company rep said: “Our policy does not allow adult items to be purchased in the UK using Alexa. We have investigated this claim and have not been able to replicate this behavior.

Yeah, of course the device with all the information presently known to mankind doesn't just order three random sex toys and have them show up at your door from a movie scene it probably couldn't even hear. Somebody ordered three fleshlights.

The only thing that gives me pause is the fact that it was, in fact, three, the same number ordered in the movie. I guess this woman could have done this for attention, but this would certainly be one of the more unconventional ways I've seen to get one's name in the news.

If this really did happen unbeknownst to her, I think she outed her 25-year-old brother. What better way to get a couple gifts for yourself and the boys than under the guise of Borat? Unfortunately, if that was the plan, it has now been revealed to the world with his name attached. You hate to see that.

Either way, you should probably either get rid of the thing in your house brazenly ordering sex toys or get better at lying about your horniness.