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A Message To The Notre Dame Haters: Kindly, Shut The Fuck Up

The Notre Dame haters have been louder in the past, but they've never been this angry. They've been pouting for 48 hours now because Notre Dame football is OFFICIALLY.....BACK! That is what we saw on Saturday. Notre Dame has been a top 10 team for a while now, despite what the haters and/or losers want to say. They're a program under Brian Kelly. They can lose NFL players every year and keep their place in the College Football Playoff discussion. Having said that, even me, the most ardent ND-can-play-with-anyone-guy on the internet knew deep down that there was a considerable gap between Alabama/Clemson and Notre Dame. Notre Dame was right there in that next tier with Georgia, but those top teams looked different on the field and the score looked different at the end of the game. 

Those days are OVER. They're DEAD. Notre Dame is as good as anyone in the country. The gap had usually existed in the trenches. The big boys for Bama and Clemson and were a problem for ND historically. Then...the Irish started churning out high quality All-NFL offensive linemen consistently. Now...Notre Dame has everything in the trenches. The score was close. DJ Uiagalelei looks like a fucking beast through 2 games. The trenches is where games are won and lost and Notre Dame DOMINATED Clemson at the point of attack on both sides of the ball. Here is how you know

Travis Entienne...the all-time leading rusher in the entire history of the limited to jack shit. 18 carries for 28 yards. For those of you who don't value academics like Notre Dame, that is 1.8 yards per carry. 

Kyren Williams, a guy who should be getting Heisman consideration at this point...23 carries for 140 yards. That is simply Notre Dame imposing their will against the #1 ranked team in the country. 

People have been boo hooing about Trevor Lawrence not playing. You can tell those people to shut the fuck up. DJ Uiagelelei threw for 440 yards with zero interceptions. Look me in the eye and tell me that he left plays on the field. Look me in the eye and tell me that Trevor Lawrence would've been decidedly better. You can't. DJ Uiagelelei is a fucking stud. 5 star all everything Daunte Culpepper clone. He enrolled early. He was the #1 pocket quarterback in his class. He's an incredible player and we saw it. The haters and losers who don't know anything, but their tweets may have been quoted above, are acting like Clemson threw Pat Dillingham out there in a pinch. That's incorrect. If Trevor Lawrence is the best QB in the country this kid DJ is still probably top 10. He is a weapon and he has weapons and it wasn't enough because Notre Dame is the better team. 

Don't apologize for anything. Notre Dame has NEVER lost a conference game. They're fucking rolling. Four games left. Eyes on the prize and then hopefully a rematch with Clemson and Lawrence and the chance to shut the haters up forever. The echoes have been awakened and the thunder has been shaken down. It's time. ND is back.