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I Could Watch Phil Mickelson Drive Down Magnolia Lane And Tell Stories All Damn Day

Turn that car around and let's do it again! I'm serious. Phil should just drive up and down Magnolia Lane all day today and tell stories about his favorite golfers, his favorite food, his favorite wine, his favorite bets of all time, his favorite anything and everything. Some might not agree but I prefer genuine and sentimental Phil Mickelson to Dad Joke Phil Mickelson. Phil's twitter presence has exploded over the last couple years thanks to Dad Joke Phil talking about BOMBS and doing whacky bits about his calves but I thoroughly enjoyed hearing him reflect on his golfing heroes Arnie and Seve. Mix in a little bit more of that storytelling and he'll have the greatest pro golfer twitter account in the world (if he doesn't already).

Speaking of Phil being a great storyteller, we had Kirk Minihane on last week's Fore Play and Kirk brought up an interesting question: if Phil misses the cut at the Masters, will we see him in the booth Saturday and Sunday doing commentary? Some of the guys said no but I said yes. I just think Phil is so good at doing TV and got such a good reception when he did it at the PGA Championship that he won't be able to help himself because, at the end of the day, Phil Mickelson loves attention. And he's just really really good at being on television providing an interesting perspective. Not to mention it would give him another opportunity to needle Nick Faldo and that's something we all want to see. Or Phil might just make the cut and the question will be moot.

You can listen to the episode with Kirk here