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Fat Guy Tries To Kick A Soccer Ball, Misses Completely And Murders The Ball



America!  Full disclosure: I can’t tell if that guy misses the ball on purpose and then flattens it on purpose.  I can’t read minds.  I can’t get into that guy’s head and find out what he was thinking in that moment.  All I know is he flattened the fuck outta that ball.  Like it’s gone forever.  There’s nothing left.  Whether or not he did it on purpose is kinda irrelevant.  The fact of the matter is that he murdered that ball and it was fantastic.  Super fat people in cut off shirts playing sports is where it’s at.  His kid crying about his soccer ball was the cherry on top.  Ruined his whole day and probably the remainder of his childhood.  It definitely ended the kid’s interest in the game of soccer.  There’s no coming back from watching your Dad slip, fall and flatten the ball.  Not to mention if that’s how good his Dad is at sports then the kid might want to be an academic.  Sports in jeans, so hot right now, sports in jeans.