This Bass-Playing Rapper's Cover Of The Gorillaz' 'Feel Good Inc' Is Well Worth A Watch Today

I spent a large portion of my weekend going down various rabbit holes on YouTube - the Triple J 'Like A Version' series, mainly - and this relaxed-ass cover of 'Feel Good Inc' by a girl named Little Simz was BY FAR my favorite find.

If you've never heard of 'Like A Version' before, it's basically got the same concept as a 'BBC Live Lounge' type show (artists come in for an interview, perform some originals, and then they'll do a cover that they attempt to throw their own twist onto) - but it's down undah in Australia. Shoutout Australia.

Here are some highlights/my favorites from the past few years....

Back to the reason why this blog exists, tho - Little Simz rapping while playing that Gorillaz bassline impressed the FUCK outta me. That is NOT easy to do. 

It's like the musical equivalent of patting your head and rubbing your belly....but on steroids. I could barely help out with the NAWNAW's in 'All The Small Things' when Pup Punk does that, because my wires just get crossed and I forget where I am/what my name is/what year it is/all of that. 

Granted, I suck at the bass, but still; it's impressive as fuck for this girl to be doing it as flawlessly as she is.