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FIFA Movie About Sepp Blatter That Cost $27 Million To Make Grossed $918 At The Box Office

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The Guardian- Fifa wanted to call it Men of Legend or The Dream Makers. But even a somewhat more toned down title has not been enough to stop United Passions being named as the lowest-grossing film in US box office history. The Hollywood Reporter has now confirmed the self-congratulatory project, starring Tim Roth as controversial outgoing president Sepp Blatter, scored the puniest total of all time in North America. With a final weekend return of just $918 from 10 cinemas, Frederic Auburtin’s £17m drama – Fifa paid most of the costs – lines up ahead of such titans of modern cinema as 2012 vampire rock musical I Kissed a Vampire ($1,380) and 2013 animated adventure Last Flight of the Champion ($1,493).



Did anybody even hear about this movie?  I heard very little about it.  Basically they made movie starring Sam Neil and Tim Roth about FIFA and Sepp Blatter.  Except instead of the movie being about how horrible and corrupt FIFA is it was a movie sucking off their own dicks about how awesome they are.  Saying Sepp Blatter is basically Jesus and that he’s the greatest man to ever exist.  The only problem was that just as the movie was about to come out, all of the details of just how horrible Sepp Blatter and FIFA are came out as well.  Whoops.  Bad timing.  Combine that with Blatter eventually stepping down and you’ve got yourself a 27 million dollar movie that grossed whopping 918 dollars at the box office.  Given that the movie was just propaganda to try and convince the world that FIFA is great which clearly isn’t true, $918 seems a little high actually.  I’d like to see the type of people who still went.  They probably went out just to see how bad it is.  You couldn’t pay me $918 to sit through a movie about FIFA.  Let’s say everything in the movie was true and Blatter really is a great guy.  I still wouldn’t watch that movie because that sounds like the most boring movie of all time.  Make a movie about all of the corruption and bribes and shady business and now we’re talking about a movie I’d see.