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There's No Way In Hell That Marcus Peters Caught That Ball

Just so we're clear, THIS is a catch:

But THIS is incomplete:

Got it. Makes sense. A guy falling backwards who only has control and possession of the ball in slow motion and gets it ripped out of his hands before any part of his body hits the ground = clear interception. A guy leaping over a defender, getting two hands on the ball, tucking it under his arm, changing direction upon landing and diving for the end zone where the ground forces the ball to bounce out of his grasp for a second = extremely incomplete and season-ending. I don't know why everyone is so up in arms about this. It's clear as day to anyone with eyeballs and earholes what constitutes a catch or an incompletion. Just listen to Al Riveron, he'll tell you how CLEAR and OBVIOUS this was.

This is where the NFL needs a common sense guy in the booth during these reviews. There aren't even Ravens fans arguing that this was a catch. Marcus Peters doesn't even think this was a catch. You also shouldn't be allowed to watch replays in slow motion any more either. We have a million 4K cameras pointed at every blade of turf, you can see the play from multiple angles in regular speed. If you want to freeze frame someone's feet to see if they were in or out of bounds? Fine. But if a catch is only a catch in slow motion then it's probably a good sign that it wasn't a catch. 

This was so bad Philip Rivers nearly broke down and said a bad word. Luckily for the children of America he was able to maintain his composure.