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The Bucs Got Their Ass Kicked On Sunday Night For The Whole World To See

Tonight was an absolute disgrace. I will caveat saying we were missing our standout Left Guard Ali Marpet who is arguably the best Left Guard in the League. It was our first game this season without the same starting Offensive Line and and it showed. The Saints were in Tom Brady's face the entire game. It wasn't until the 2nd Quarter and we were down 21-0 before we got our first 1st down. It was simply a pathetic performance. My thoughts at halftime are the same for after the game:

But I made some adjustments at halftime:

But I'm a positive guy. If I can take away any positives, it was that Antonio Brown looked pretty good outside of that one miscommunication. But overall, everyone was bad. Jameis Winston also got in at the end of the game to rub some salt on the would. He even did this:

But in the end, as much as it pains me, the NFC South still runs through New Orleans. There is plenty of season left and hopefully we can change that, but the Saints certainly came out on Sunday Night and made a statement. I hope we can play them again and change that narrative, but they have done more than enough to earn my respect. 

Watch the highlights from last night in the Gambling Cave: