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Man Makes a Sneaky And Daring Attempt At Stealing a Painting From An Art Gallery


Source - Security footage from CCTV shows the shameless crook in action, skulking about a secluded area of the gallery before setting his sights on a World War I-themed artwork. Casting an eye about, he makes sure he is unobserved before removing the artwork, worth £700 (about $1,140), from the wall. When the one-by-two-foot canvas proves too large to fit under his hoodie, he makes a dash for the door, artwork in hand. Fortunately, the art thief’s outrageously shameless behavior did not escape the notice of gallery workers, who quickly confronted him outside the establishment. The shoplifter was quick to give the painting back, and beat a speedy retreat, fleeing the scene before the arrival of the West Midlands Police.


I laughed out loud when he seriously could not believe he couldn’t get the painting into his shmedium emo hoodie. He was in disbelief. As if he stayed up all night drawing up plans, sketching on a piece of paper his exact scheme, and everything was foiled when he couldn’t get the painting to fit under his Baby Gap hoodie.

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 9.38.51 AM


So he did the only other reasonable thing- walked out into broad daylight with it. Peyton Manning would be proud of his audible. His original plan wasn’t going to work, so he Omaha’d out of it and took plan B. Love his hustle, love that he didn’t crack under pressure, and love that he finished the job. So what, maybe he immediately gave up the art work when approached by a gallery worker, but that’s not the point. He got the painting out the door, and that makes him a winner in my book. He can steal art for my team any day.