Notre Dame Takes Down Clemson, Storms The Field

What a game!

Without Trevor Lawrence, Clemson's backup QB, and future star, DJ Uigalelelei showed out:

The play of the game came when Clemson was up 7 and a pass interference call came on a 3rd down for Notre Dame as they were driving to tie the game.

Dabo then complained about the call and must've reminded them that Clemson runs the ACC and Notre Dame is a coward institution that won't join a conference:

Clemson got the ball back but went 3-and-out, only took off 30 or so seconds off the clock, which is amazing because Notre Dame only used 1 timeout.

We went into double OT, which took what felt like an hour. Everyone tuning into NBC for SNL was not happy.

Notre Dame went onto win and the fans stormed the field, which caused Twitter to erupt!