Feel Good Friday: A Jeopardy Contestant Was Moved To Tears While Telling Alex Trebek That He Learned English By Watching Trebek On TV

That was a hell of a way to end the week. Whenever people bring up the most universally beloved figures, Alex Trebek always makes appearance somewhere in the Top 10. Not because he is fucking awesome at his job, which he is. But because of the way he somehow connects with the people that invite him into their homes for a half hour every night. It doesn't matter if it's because he ethers nerds who don't know the first thing about sports, throws some extra mmmph when talking in a French accent, is perfectly goofy while reciting some gangsta rap lyrics, or helping you learn an entire language while creating memories with your grandpa. The man is a national treasure and all of that along with videos like the one above are why the entire world is rooting so hard for Alex to overcome that fuckhead cancer. 

Have a great weekend everybody! #FuckCancer

h/t Sway