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Something Or Nothing: Myles Turner Is Working Out With Both Tacko Fall And Grant Williams

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Well well well what do we have here. Workout videos like this are pretty common this time of year, there's nothing like NBA Workout SZN. If you don't work out and put it on the internet, did you even get better? So while these videos come out what seems like every day, naturally this one piqued my interest.

By now, everyone has heard the Celtics/Myles Turner rumors. They're everywhere. You can't escape them. So seeing him work out with a couple of Celts bigs is certainly something to note. Here's what I do know. Turner/Tacko/Grant all share the same agent, Bill Duffy. That's also Timelord's agent as well FWIW. I think it's way more likely he set up some sort of workout for his clients than this being evidence that Ainge is about to trade for Myles Turner. 

While we're on that subject, I may as well repeat my stance on any sort of Oladipo/Turner trade. I'm out. Big time out. For starters, it takes Hayward or a package around Smart to pull that off. I'm all set there. Oladipo is a shell of himself and has just the same injury concerns as Hayward, if not more. Turner is interesting because he does fit the prototype of big you would want in Brad's system. He does protect the rim and he does stretch the floor. Those are what you want. On the other side, I think he may be a bit overrated, and still struggles against opposing bigs like Embiid. If it cost you Smart, unless you are filling in that position with someone just as good (highly unlikely given their cap), I don't think this propels you as much as some might think. I'd rather address those needs in the draft/free agency.

So to me, this is certainly something you should monitor, but I don't think it's a tell of what Ainge is planning to do this offseason. Something tells me he's not exactly asking Tacko/Grant to weigh in on any potential trades. What I do think matters is that Bill Duffy already has a relationship with Ainge given the guys on his roster. He's also Avery's agent, as well as Amir Johnson's, Evan Turner's and Rajon Rondo's. If there is one guy on Duffy's client list that I'd for sure be down with in free agency, it's Aaron Holiday. That's the type of 3 and D wing this roster could use off the bench.