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Steve Kerr Promised Steph Curry And Andre Iguodala He'd Get Them A Tee Time At Augusta If They Won The Title

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 2.06.10 PM Win the NBA Finals and you’ll play Augusta National. That was a promise Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr made to Stephen Curry and Andre Iguodala. Well, the two players made good on their half of the deal. Now it’s up to Kerr to follow through. J.A. Adande of ESPN reported the exchange in his post-game recap. “When we won, I’m yelling at Steph, ‘We’re going to Augusta!’” Iguodala, the NBA Finals MVP, said. “You know how everybody goes to Disneyland? We’re going to Augusta.” According to the article, Kerr has an in at Augusta who he plans to use to get his victorious players a tee time. It’s no surprise they’re excited. Curry’s love for golf is no secret anymore. Now, neither is Iguodala’s.




Such an Augusta National story.  At least it reads that way.  Hey if you win the NBA title then a white guy will be able to get these two black guys a tee time there!  How awesome!  I’m sure Steph Curry and Andre Iguodala could get tee times at Augusta if they wanted to.  They’re rich.  They’re famous.  They just won the NBA title.  One is the regular season MVP and the other is the Finals MVP.  At least I think they could.  Augusta is super duper old school as we all know.  Their stranglehold on the TV rights are part of it.  But they’re definitely old school when it comes to membership and who plays there.  And by old school I of course mean there’s a bunch of racist old white dudes running the place who don’t take kindly to women or black people.  The old white dudes suck.  It’s a beautiful course that is home to the greatest golf tournament in the world but it’s a weird fucking place.  With all of that said, it’s awesome that Steph and Andre are gonna play there.  Fuck Disney World. That couldn’t be more lame and old hat.  Do something actuality fun and play one of the most, um, exclusive golf courses on the planet.  That’s what I’d do too.