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Creed Making A Comeback Would Easily Cancel Out The Absolute Hell That 2020 Has Been

It's been a pretty shitty year for the most part. I think we can all agree with that. A pandemic brought the entire world to a halt. Small businesses all across the nation are barely hanging on by a thread if they're even hanging on at all. The Lakers are NBA champions. So many things about this year have felt like humanity is uncontrollably spiraling towards our inevitable doom. 

But then…

They say it's always darkest before the dawn. And that little glimmer of sun you see softly greeting the mountain tops off on the horizon? Well that little ray of hope is Creed possibly getting back together. 

SPIN - In the Nov. 4 interview with site audioinkradio.com, the drummer gave a nebulous quote informing that there’s “always talk every now and then of the possibility of us getting back together and doing some stuff.”

…The most specific Phillips got about Creed?

“There’s some dialogue. We tend to check up on each other when it’s birthdays and holidays, things like that. So, there has been some chatter, and there’s no specific timetable for anything or no specific plans, but it’s a possibility down the road.”

Creed is one of those bands like Nickelback where folks hate on them just to hate. You hate them when you're in a crowd because you're a spineless coward who caves to peer pressure and have an unwavering desire to be liked and accepted, but guess what happens the next morning? You're driving in your car all alone on the way to work and all of a sudden a Creed or Nickelback song comes on the radio. Do you turn it off?

Abso-fucking-lutely not. You roll the windows up because you're still a coward, but you blast that shit at full volume and you rock out. Because in your heart of hearts, you know they rule. You simply cannot quit them no matter how hard you try. You might feel shame, you might feel guilt, but at the end of the day you know it feels right. 

And that's what we need more of in 2020. We need to do what is right not only for our own lives, but for everyone's. And what's more right than blasting a little Higher?

Oh and don't even start thinking to yourself that it's simply a coincidence that this news is coming out right before Thanksgiving. I know we're not supposed to be getting any large gatherings for Thanksgiving this year but just imagine it's 6pm on the 26th. You and your family just got done eating your first round of Thanksgiving dinner and the Cowboys vs Football Team game just got to halftime. Everybody gathers around the TV and out comes Scott Stapp just ready to rock all your fucking faces off. Creed makes their triumphant return on the big stage, the world immediately heals, and life finally goes back to normal. All thanks to those glorious pipes. Can't wait.